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Phil is one of the premier hitting instructors in South Florida. His ability to breakdown the swing to the basic fundamentals and teach both boys and girls in a fashion they understand are the reasons Phil is so successful. I have had both a son, who finished his high school career as one of the top five hitters in the Palm Beach Post his senior season and a daughter who was not only one the the top hitters in the area, but also All Area in both the Palm Beach Post and Stuart News work with Phil. Their success started with the fundamentals Phil taught. Additionally, his ability to watch a player and in a few swings pick out the flaws and make simple adjustments make Phil such successful as an instructor.

Bob Bubeck
Jupiter, Fl.


First of all, WOW!  

Second, THANK YOU!  

And third, YOU ARE AMAZING!  

You showed our son within a few short lessons how to control his swing, and position his body and legs to achieve greater impact and success.

Preston’s confidence was stronger by the end of the season and his hits were consistent and definite. We truly feel you are the one to thank for Preston’s progress, due to your continuous attention and dedication with our son.

Thank you for your talent of coaching Preston one-on-one in your batting cage and for attending so many of his games and videotaping his positive and negative moves, critiquing exactly what he did wrong or right. You truly are a coach who really cares and wants to see kids win.

For our son to jump back into kid pitch at age 10, having missed last year’s season, to his team ending the season with the championship division title, was more than we could have imagined. Thank you. We feel his improved swing and concentration is due to your coaching.

You’re the best Phil. Thank you.

See you next season!

Michelle and Robert Kirschner
West Palm Beach, FL. 33405

Coach Phil is the best.  My 9 year old son was batting 9th and begging me to quit. .I got him to Phil immediately and after 2 sessions with Phil my boy went 3 for 4 and got the game ball. He continued the rest of the season to improve and moved up to hitting in the 5th spot. Phil saved my son’s baseball career. I highly recommend Phil to any youngster as a world class hitting coach.

Adam Doner
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.



My son Kyle has always been a good contact hitter. But with all hitters they go through changes in their swing and stance. You helped identify why he was not hitting with as much power due to hitting off of the front foot. You showed him the balance point needed. Teaching to stay back, wait for the ball instead of lunging, which a lot of ball players begin to due to make up for bat speed vs. pitch speed. He has started hitting with a stiff front leg and uses more lower body thanks to Phil. We'll be back!

Thanks Phil,


Tim Sherwood
Loxahatchee/ Acreage, Florida


Hi Red Sox Nation, trying to strengthen our training and help the team. Coach Phil is great.

Phil teaches the rotation method of hitting and hitting off the back foot turning the hips through the hitting zone. You get remarkable bat speed when you swing the bat using this method of hitting.
All lessons are video taped and you can sign on and watch them afterwards on your computer.

I'm taking Steven to see him some more and Xander is already a student. This guy works wonders with the kids. Well worth the visit to see your boys face when he busts a good solid line drive.  Visit his website at BAT LIKE A PRO. COM. Read the testimonials.    Coach Phil is available daily. Give him a Ring !

John L. Camadeca
Boca Raton, Fl. 33433


Hi Coach Phil,

The Lee 9U All Stars defeated Williamstown 11-1 on Friday night & then won the tournament 14-13 on Saturday.  We only had two strikeouts for the game. Thank-you for all your help in getting our kids prepared to become better hitters. Thanks again for all your help. Lukas put the ball in play both times up to bat out of the number nine spot.  We are improving.

Well, we were eliminated from the tourney in Hadley, Mass. on Sunday after scoring 30 runs in two games. Anyway, Lukas had no strikeouts!!! a few walks and a double down the left field line and two line drive outs. He hit the ball hard every time up. His last at bat he hit the hardest ball I have ever seen him hit, a line drive that he hit on the screws, the pitcher put his glove up to protect himself and of course it went right into the glove. I was so proud of him; he was smiling from ear to ear.

Thanks so much for everything you did for him; he and I certainly loved the extra attention and time you gave him.

Thanks again,

Billy Loher
Lee, Ma. 01238


Coach Phil,

You should have seen Troy yesterday.  It was awesome.  He drove in 3 of our 7 runs including the game winner with bases loaded and two outs in extra innings.  The winning hit was a shot hit on a rope over the short stop into left field.  His swing is a 100 times better after working with you (and he still has a ways to go).  He has a ton of confidence again and its spilling over into his play in the field.  Thanks for all your help!  I would recommend you to any of my players.


Philip Thompson
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. 33410

My son really starting to like baseball but he was definitely lacking skills necessary to be competitive as he moved from minors to the majors this spring at Phipps Park.  I new he needed help with his hitting and as a father I didn’t have the skills necessary to teach him.  After receiving many flyers from Phil Ringer on my car at the park, I decided to give it a try.  Within a few lessons Phil was able to turn my son around as well as boost his confidence.  Within weeks he was use to hitting faster pitching and really started to enjoy the game even more.  At the end of the season his coaches recognized him as the most improved player on the team.  We definitely look forward to starting lessons up in the fall.

Bruce Coren
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33401 


I’ve been involved in baseball for 40 years and Phil is one of the best Instructors in hitting that I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  Thanks Phil for all your help with my team. Your instruction helped us to a 12-2 Record and division title, League Championship 2008 Spring Season.

Jim Patty
Redsox Manager
Palm Beach Gardenns, Fl. 3341

My son Michael Roca has been working with Phil for a couple of seasons now. During that time his hitting has improved 100%. Phil has a great ability to communicate with the students and my son has responded very positively to his instructions. I plan to continue using Phil as long as my son continues to play baseball.

Paul Roca
Wellington, Fl. 33414

Phil has been the BEST batting coach for both my boys who play High School and Middle School ball.

Beth Morrison
North Palm Beach, Fl. 33408

I would like to recommend Phil Ringer as a great batting instructor. My son Tyler had his mechanics messed up from one of his recreational baseball coaches. With Phil's batting techniques Tyler is one of the best hitters on the team batting anywhere form 3rd to 5th in the lineup.

Marc Levine
Boynton Beach, Fl 33437

My son is 5 years old. We went to coach Phil and even after the first lesson; I saw John's swing and hitting improve in the games. He was hitting more line drives and hitting them further.

Phil has an excellent way of communicating to children.

Michael James Hertzberg
West Palm Beach, Fl. 3340


I just wanted to say thank You for your help with Kyle's batting. He now has a great swing and is hitting the ball with a lot of power. You have really brought out the best jn him.

Dan Saccal
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. 3341

Dear Phil,

Both my boys have developed a great swing thanks to your help. Whenever they seem to run into a problem, you fix it right away... I love the video clips you send as well !!

Jeff Greenwald
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.33410


Dear Phil,

My son has been going to The Batting Cage since age 11. He has received great instructions and positive encouragement that has allowed him to establish a firm foundation for hitting the baseball. I recommend any player looking to improve their hitting skills to check out Phil at The Batting Cage.

Rennie Doby
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.33410

Hi Phil.

Thank you for your work and Dedication to helping my boys hit. There is a marked difference in their approach and swing since you have helped. Please continue to critique and instruct them. It will definitely help when I am telling people to use you. They will see my guys hitting and understand the need for your assistance.

Scott Hart
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33401

Dear Phil…

My son Jayson was struggling with his batting and was losing his confidence. After a few sessions with Phil, he gained his confidence back as is now hitting much better. Thanks Phil for your instructions!

Felicia Neumeister
Palm Springs, Fl. 33461

Phil really helped my son with his swing. he gave him confidence he lacked to really attack the ball. Phil'svideos of my son's practice swings were a great addition.

Angela Koch
Palm Beach, Fl. 33480


I appreciate how you have worked with my son. I work with him on the drills, he looks forward to your instructions and he is enjoying baseball even more with the extra confidence.

Alex Molliner
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33406

Hi Phil,

Phil was a tremendous coach; he took me from a weak groundball hitter, to a solid line drive with power. He did this in a very short period of time, over one summer. I've never looked back since then.

John Nicholson
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Coach Phil,

Austin and I wanted to thank you for working with him. Your patient coaching and batting instruction is very apparent in Austin's development. He is more confident and relaxed at the plate. It must be an awesome feeling for you to watch kids develop and know that you are an instrumental force.

Austin & Vince Sharkey
Boynton Beach, Fl. 33437

My son struggled most of the season last year with his hitting, or lack thereof. Coach Phil quickly figured out the problem and provided him with some drills to do over the summer. Michael had a great summer season.

Bob Day
Miami, FL. 33136


Coach Phil recently worked with my sons for the first time to improve their hitting by teaching them to hit off the back leg. I was impressed with his knowledge, ability and patience. They are on their way to becoming better hitters thanks to him.

Mason Boyd
Jacksonville, Fl

Coach Phil,

I wanted to send this letter to you to tell you how much we appreciate all you have done for our children in helping them become confident hitters. It started with our daughter who was trying out for the Atlantic high school softball team. She worked with you and became a very effective hitter. You not only instilled the proper techniques in hitting but helped her overcome any fear in he batters box. Even now when she comes home from college she still enjoys hitting in the batting cage.

Threw our very positive experience with Francesca I decided to bring our son Dakoth to you for instruction. Through working with you Dakotah has become a great hitter. He has endless confidence in his batting ability. He has always been a leader in any of the leagues he plays in. This year in the majors for Little League Dakotah is not only a .500 + hitter he is in the top 3 leaders in Home Runs. This is an 11 year old in a 11, 12 & 13 year olds. One of the best things you have taught him is the ability to understand the total dynamics of the baseball swing. As you know Dakoth plays on several travel ball teams. One of which has batting lessons at a large indoor facility out west. After watching Dakota swing the instructor asked who taught Dakota to hit. I said Phil Ringer. He said. "Phil knows baseball".

I also have to thank you for helping the teams Dakoth has played on with hitting clinics and several of his teammates who have worked with you afterward privately have also excelled in the travel teams. Thank you for imparting the expert knowledge in setting up our own batting cage, to keep working the "Ringerway", when you go up north in the summer to teach some other lucky Ballplayers.

Best Regards,
Ronald C. Randabaugh
Delray Beach, Fl. 33444

Mr. Phil,

I wanted to let you know we are playing in an All-Star Tournament in Palm Beach Gardens. anyway wanted to let you know we played a double header Monday night (June 15th). I went 5 for 8 with 6 RBI’s. I had a triple, double and 3 singles. They are batting me 4th in the line up. We beat Jupiter the first game and lost to Palm Beach Gardens 5-2 in the second game. We play Key West tonight at 7:30. It’s the 9 yr. old division. We lost to Key West 10-6 in the tournament. I hated to lose but I had a good game. I pitched the last two innings and did well. I also went 2-4 with a double and 2 RBI’s. I hit it over the left fielders head and it went to the fence.

 I wanted to thank you for all your help with my batting, My Dad says all the hard work is paying off…  He has been waiting to see for 2 years

 Thanks again for all your help

Your friend,
Patrick Crawley
Delray Beach, Fl.


Thought you would like to read this.  We were fixed by the best.  This shows that Phil Knows hitting!!!  Also on this weekend the hitting coach of the Charlotte Hurricanes Jeff Shore and the Colorado Rockies AAA coach both said he had a great swing and would not change a thing.  I just wanted you to see the real results from the outside.  We will be up to see you soon.

Best Regards;
Ron Randabaugh
Delray Beach, Fl. 334


Dear Coach,

Wow. I'm a baseball junkie, and I have taken John to hitting instructors since he was five years-old, but you have clearly provided the best analysis I've ever had. Very professional and very well done.

Thanks again;
Rogersville, Alabama