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"This is the place
Major Leaguers are made"

Q. Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Roger Maris, Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Tino Martinez and Chipper Jones.

What do all these baseball players have in common?

A. Yes they are all great athletes, but in addition to that, they all hit off their back foot and into their front foot. That's called a weight shift.

This is the style that Coach Phil teaches. He has helped many people learn to play the game and he can help you. You will agree that he is the best hitting instructor you have ever been to.

A great place to bring a team or individual who wants to learn fundamentals of hitting.

If you live in or are going to be in the South Florida area.

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Baseball Instruction

Hitting Techniques:
What are the four most important things in hitting?

Buying a bat (How you know if the bat is for you?)

How to hold a bat  (What part of the hand and where in the fingers?)

  both hands

Where to stand in the batters box  (Is anywhere you stand a good place to stand?)

Batting Stance (What’s a good batting stance?)

Keeping your eyes on the ball   (For how long?)

eyes   ball

Getting into the hitting position  (Where is the hitting position?)

WRONG : (Hands too high)

What’s a trigger or a cock of the hands?  (How do you do it?)

Stride or step  (How long is too long?)

over striding_1  WRONG : (Too far)

Turnings the hips or rotational hitting   (The hardest thing to do in hitting)


Weight Shift (When does it come?)

off front leg  WRONG : (too early)

Swinging the bat correctly (The proper way to swing the bat is it up, down, level or…)

Power V or Extension (What is it and at what point of the swing?)

Finishing your swing  (Where does it end?)

not finishing_1  WRONG : (letting go of bat too early)

Hitting to opposite field (Where do you hit the ball?)

Swinging exercises  (Try it, it works)


Pivoting or turning the feet  (You need help with this)



To find out more about the Hitting Techniques

and how easy it is to hit doing the right fundamentals.

Read my e-book and look at the pictures and videos.




Lets Start At Home Plate As The Batter (What should  you do with your front foot?)

WRONG : (Stepping away from first base)

Next A Base Hit To The Outfield  (What’s a banana turn?)

Getting Back To First Base  (How to get back)

Going Into Second Base (Should you stand up or slide?)

Tagging Up (Where should you be on each situation?)


Run through my e-book to the

Base running section and read all

about it with pictures and videos.




Sacrifice Bunt  (What does that mean and how to do it?)

Drag Bunt  (When do you put your bat out?)

Push Bunt (What is it and how to do it?)

Safety Squeeze  (What does the runner on 3rd base do?)

Suicide Squeeze (Where do you bunt the ball?)


Bunting a great way to help

your team.  See how to bunt.

Read my e-book and look at

the pictures and videos.




Bent Leg Slide  (How to)

Pop Up Slide (What’s the difference?)

Hook Slide  (Which way?)

Back Door Slide (What’s a good time to use it?)

Take Out Slide (Why use it?)

Head First Slide  (Be careful you could get hurt)

Slide your way into my e-book

and find out how to do these slides.

Pictures and videos included.




Weight Shift Galleries

Extension or Power V Galleries

Finished Swing Galleries

Homerun Gallery


When your through reading the

instruction.  Just sit back and enjoy

the Galleries of pictures and video in

the e-book.




The first person to answer this question correctly wins a e-book.


How can you get 3 singles, 3 triples and 3 outs in a half inning and not score a run?


E-Mail me the correct answer and I will send you a free e-book and post your name and answer on the web site.

Jason Michael and Barry Hall

for answering the question correctly.

Triple thrown out. 1 out, 1 triple.

Triple thrown out. 2 outs, 2 triples.

Triple stays on third. 2 outs, 3 triples.

Single infield runner stays on third. 2 outs, 1 single, 3 triples.

Single infield runner stays on third. 2 outs, 2 singles, 3 triples.

Single ball hits one of the runners, runner is out and batter

get credit for a single, 3 outs, 3 singles, 3 triples