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    HI-My Name is Phil: If you read my Hitting Techniques, Bunting Instruction and Sliding Fundamentals you will enjoy my Base Running Instruction.

    BASE-RUNNING INSTRUCTION: We will go over different ways to run the bases.



Lets Start At Home Plate As The Batter: As a right-handed you would break out of the batters box with your back foot going to first base. Do not pull your front foot out, as you would lose a step to 1st base. As a left-handed batter you would cross over your back foot to gain a step to first base. Do not step with your front foot as you would lose a half step to first base.

Once you get three or four running steps out of the batters box you look to see where the ball was hit. Don't hesitate in the batters box, as you will lose time to first base. You run full speed on the balls of your feet and pump your arms up and down. Once your half way to first base run in the runner's box, which is located on the right of the first base line. Continue running to first base as fast as you can go. Slow down when you hit the outfield grass on the first base line and come to a stop, then turn left towards the field of play without making an attempt to go to second base as you can be tagged out. Walk back to first base.

An excellent time to first base is under 4.0 seconds. Major League time is anything under 4.5 seconds. For instance Mickey Mantle did 3.1 seconds from the left side. Get your coach to time you from when the ball hits the bat till you step on first base.







Next A Base Hit To The Outfield: Run at full speed up the first base line then veer out to the right at the beginning of the runners box in a banana turn to first base. Step on first base with either foot, preferably the left foot on the inside corner of first base running at full speed. Do not slow down going to first base. After stepping on first base go 1/3 of the way to second base as if you were trying to get a double. Any mistake by the outfielder not charging the ball, going to far to his left or right, bobbling the ball or lobbing the ball back to the infield, take the extra base. After making the turn make sure you get back to first base watching the ball so the outfielder doesn't throw behind you.




Getting Back To First Base: When leading off first base you need to get back if the pitcher throws over there. Two ways to get back, either a cross over and a dive with the right hand touching first base and your head facing right field or a cross over and a step and a step on the bag with your body facing right field.


Going Into Second Base: Slide into the base unless you can make it standing up. (See Sliding Fundamentals). When making an attempt to go to third base make a banana turn into second base hitting the inside corner of the bag. If going home make a banana turn going into third base and hit the inside corner of the bag and try to run down the third base base line to home. Try not to make a big turn rounding third base as it will take longer to get home.






Tagging Up: When tagging up on a fly ball make sure your foot is on the base until the ball is caught. Otherwise the fielder will throw to the base you came from and you will be out. If you leave to early the fielders can make an appeal play and the umpire can call you out. On a fly ball to the outfield go half way from first base so you can go to second base if the ball is dropped or get back to first base if the ball is caught. If it's hit deep enough and the outfielder has a weak arm tag up and go to second base when the ball is caught. On a fly ball from second base play it half way if it's hit to leftfield. If the ball is hit to centerfield or right field deep then tag up and go to third base when the ball is caught. On third base tag up on any fly ball hit to the outfield as you can score easily if it drops. Unless it's in the infield then just get back to the base. You can also tag up on a foul ball as long as it's caught.