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I've been told I could be all of them or none of them, all I know is that I've been teaching youngsters how to hit for 30 years and had a lot of successful students and still going strong.

This page is to teach the correct fundamentals of hitting to children of all ages and have fun in learning and playing the game.  Baseball is fun just give it a chance.  I strive to teach three things to children learn the game, have fun and win.  If your learning the game and having fun you will always be a winner even if your team loses.  Yelling, screaming or cursing at a child will not make him a better player.  He or she will probably be turned off and not listen anyway.  Why bother.  The best way to get it across is some TLC.  The child will respond better.  They don't want to be told told there not good.  Tell them they'll get it next time.  Repeat the drills till the understand it.  Not every child is the same and some take longer to learn then others.  Some are better hitters, fielders, throwers and runners.  Don't expect all of them to be superstars.  You have to work with them to get the best out of them.  Most coaches only work with there  best players and forget about the weaker ones.  If you want to have a winning team you need to work with the weaker ones and by middle of the season you don't have any automatic outs anymore.  I could ramble on but you get my point.  Don't make a child quit the game that he or she loves, make them love it more.  It's your job as a coach or find something else to do. Make Baseball Fun for Everyone.

Here is a video I put together with full speed video frame by frame instructional wording and slo motion video of same swing. If you hit like this you also will be able to hit with power like Rusty.


Past videos of Major League Players preforming the correct way to hit a baseball while I was at the Spring Traning Games in Jupiter, Florida.

Albert Pujlos Homerun against the Twins 3-29-10 in Jupiter, Florida. Who says you have to step to hit with power. Albert just lifts his front foot then turns on the ball into a weight shift, then extension and finishes his swing.


Chipper Jones hitting in slo motion showing his excellent fundamentals. He strides but keeps his hands back then does a weight shift, full extension and finishes his swing.



































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