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Batting & Pitching Drills I found interesting from youtube videos. Please honor the websites by going to them as they have plenty to offer.

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Bat Like A Pro Swinging Drill

Bat Like A Pro Hips Drill

A Child Practicing Swing Drill

A Child Practicing Hips Drill

Kevin Long Teaching Hitting To Opposite Field
Derek Jeter Hitting In Slo-Motion To Opposite Field

Stop, Drop & Pop

8 Common Hitting Mistakes

Stay Hot Sports

Rotational Hitting

The Tube Drill

Push Bunt Drill

How To Avoid Bat Dragging The Hands
Ted Williams Get A Good Pitch To Hit

Rusty Demonstrating Slo-Motion Swing
Lyndon Demonstrating Slo-Motion Swing

Mickey Mantle Slo-Motion Swing

Mickey Mantle Drag Bunt

Blocking Pitches Drill

Ultimate Baseball Fielding Drills

Pitching Towel Drill by Tom House

Pitching Bucket Drill

The High Five Drill

One Knee Drill

One on One Hitting Instruction
After you tried all the rest, come to the best in Batting Instruction
Trigger and learn to keep weight back
Rotational turning of the hips for power
Swing down at ball into a bat lag for power

Weight Shift for power
Hit against stiff front leg for power
Extension for power
Finished Swing for power

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