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I decided to write this baseball blog when I get a chance, just to inform everyone on different aspects of baseball.This will be a great learning tool with pictures in most cases to help understand what the problems are in baseball.

For instance coaches yelling at the players what to do all time time. The players have to learn from there mistakes. Telling them constantly they just wait for the coach to tell them and not learning the game the way it should be played.

Also coaches always giving the signs to the catchers in all levels of baseball, takes the game away from the catchers and pitchers so they don't have to think anymore. Let the catchers learn how to call a game and use there heads. The game is for the players not the coaches.

After all there only children and they make mistakes. You can't lead them by the hand all the time. Even coaches makes mistakes calling the wrong pitch, sending a runner then he's call out. NOBODY'S PERFECT.









































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