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Coach Phil: Operator of  'The Batting Cage'

COACH PHIL has been a Counselor, Baseball Coach, Baseball Director, Director & Owner of Baseball Camps since 1968. In 1985 he started instructing youngsters in the area with the proper mechanics of hitting a baseball. His hitting technique is most closely associated with rotational hitting, which is hitting against your front leg, not to be confused with linear hitting which is hitting or shifting onto your front leg.

Regardless of the level of play whether it is T-Ball, Little League, Girls Softball, High School Baseball or Softball and Collegiate levels, athletes who are taught and learn the proper hitting techniques will be recognized as having outstanding baseball fundamentals by those who know and understand the game.

Coach Phil has instructed and coached thousands of athletes, many of whom have received sports scholarships to play Baseball.  Some have gone on to play professional Baseball such as :

Bernie Williams (NY Yankees)
Jon Alexander (KC Royals)
Mel Stottlemyre Jr. (KC Royals)
Todd Stottlemyre (Toronto Blue Jays)
Brad Ausmus (Houston Astros)
Shawn Brown (Detroit Tigers)
Tim Adkins (Toronto Blue Jays)
George Sandel (NY Mets)
Zach Minor (Detroit Tigers)
Andy Abad (Boston Redsox)
Roy Silver (St. Louis Cardinals)
Pitche Balet (Seattle Mariners)
Brian Jeroloman (Toronto BlueJays)
Robbie Morrison (KC Royals)

Travis Bailey (St. Louis Cardinals)
Chuck Jeroloman (Boston Red Sox)
Brandon Welch (NY Mets)
Nick Marreel (Texas Rangers)


Coach Phil's Students
Coach Phil's self gratification comes from seeing his former students and players evolve into excellent batters. His love for the game and the ability to teach and instruct will translate into SUCCESS AT THE PLATE !






































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