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Here's a baseball joke. I was parked at a red light in New York when a driver pulled up next to me and asked me how to get to Yankee Stadium. I said practice, practice, practice. He said no I want directions.

Which would like to coach a child who played 1 to 5 years or longer or a child who never played. Easy answer. A child who never played before. A child who has played before has bad habits from all the coaching they have gotten whether it was right or wrong. So the child practices all the time wrong and becomes perfect at doing it wrong and doesn't want to change. A child who has never played will do what ever you want them to do and learn the right way to do it. Because he is doing Perfect Practice when he practices.
Example. I told a boy when he was 12 that he was swinging up. But he was hitting Home Runs doing it wrong and always hit to opposite field. He was a big kid. I said he would have trouble when he gets older. Didn't listen. Then he played for me at 15 in Sr. League and was still swinging up but now he was flying out and still hitting to opposite field. So he wrote on this Facebook page he used to be a good hitter but now he can't hit. Before I could say anything to his post, his friend wrote remember what Phil told you when you were 12. He practiced wrong for so many years he became perfect at doing it wrong.











































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